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tekken 7 tier list

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About Tekken 7 Game

Tekken 7 is one of the iconic games. It is available literally for any platform you can think of and it comes with some of the best fighting possibilities of all times. In the game, a player has to choose the desired character. There are over 40 of them and each one is unique. All of them use legs and arms to fight, but each one has a unique set of abilities which are known as combos. These combos are used to inflict the highest amount of damage at the shortest period of time and to significantly weaken your opponent. It is something all players want and have to use as often a possible.

The game also features supernatural capabilities. They allow players to inflict even more damage or to protect themselves from the attacks. Some of the characters have been featured in movies and they are very popular among players of all ages. Tekken has been with us for decades and it is going to remain as one of the best games of this kind. All we can do is rank the characters and find which ones are the best and which ones should be avoided.