Street Fighter 5 Tier List

street fighter 5 tier list

User Generated Street Fighter V Tier Lists

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About Street Fighter V Game

Let's imagine a scenario in which you are planning to start playing the Street Fighter V. Now let's imagine another scenario in which you are planning to switch a character and play with another one. In both cases, you can see the problem. You won't know which hero is the best and the simplest to play with. Yes you can learn on the hard way and waste hours of gameplay just because you pick a wrong hero. Or you can use the Street Fighter 5 Tier List and get the help you need within 2 seconds.

The list here presents you all the characters available in the game. Each one is ranked according to the votes gamers have provided. What this means is that the best and the most powerful characters are at the top while the worst ones are at the bottom end. The only ranking factor is the vote and we would like to use this opportunity to invite you to provide valuable votes at any given moment. As you shall see the score will be updated and changed in the real time. Now you help others as they helped you a few seconds back.

Our Street Fighter V tier list consists of all the characters available in the game. We will never add new characters that are not officially added to the game or the ones that might be available in a patch, extension packs or etc. The official characters are available for all the players and they are the most common choice. Other characters are available for a specific type of gamers which makes the list inaccurate. Our goal is to stay as accurate and helpful as possible and to provide useful data to all gamers.

If or when new characters are added by the game officials we will add them to the list also. It is important to keep with the changes and upgrades in real time and assist to all players as long as possible. Now is the time to get the ultimate help you actually need, choose the character that is the strongest and the most powerful and defeat all your opponents.

We are not linked to the sponsors of the game and we are not a profitable site. We present you a free list and using and voting are completely free. The list will stay like that as long as you need it and we will only make it better.