Idle Heroes Tier List

idle heroes tier list

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About Idle heroes Game

Idle Heroes Tier List is here and it is ready to assist you playing the game. So how it will do precisely this? The list contains all the characters from the official version of the game. Each character is ranked by votes from gamers who played with that very character from some time. Yes, you can vote as well and the list will be updated in real time. At the top you can see the best characters and at the bottom you can see, well the ones that don’t deserve your attention.

The goal of the list you are looking at is simple. It will make sure all the characters are ranked and allow you to see which ones are the best, but also to see the ones that should be avoided. You don’t want to get a character that is too weak for the gameplay and the one that is unable to help you reach the highest level of the game. On the other hand, if you pick the best character you will find the game simple and you will be more engaged in playing. It is simple science that has a hugely positive effect on the game and gameplay.

We are not sponsored by the game in any way. We are actually a non-profitable website and we are using our own money and time to fund the site and the list so you can gain the full help from it. Only characters from the official version of the game will be present on the list. Those that may become available in patches and unofficial versions won’t be added due to the fact they are not available for all the players of the game, therefore, ranking won’t be accurate. Vote whenever you like and have time.